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Product advantages:
1. Channel protection: barrier-type and net-type
2. Channel door: hanging chain type, folio type
3. Channel table: anti-skid pattern plate, steel flat plate
4. Guide wheels and guide rails to make the lifting platform more stable
5. Four high-strength steel fixed derricks ensure operation: stronger and safer
6. High-strength manganese steel is used for the scissor arm: high strength and no deformation, ensuring long-term safety
7. Derrick door: opening and closing type, folding type, sliding type, etc. (optional)
8. The finishing pin is 45# carbon round steel, which has high strength and good wear resistance.
9. French Schneider for travel switch and intermediate relay
10. External power supply for convenient repair
11. Multi-point control at all working levels for convenient operation
12. Electric power or guide operation button
13. Operation warning lights or warning bells for lifting channels (optional)
14. Safety switch that closes the lifting channel circuit when the door is opened
15. Equipped with emergency lowering device during power failure