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Hydraulic working principle of automatic lifting freight elevator

The automatic lift freight elevator is a more commonly used freight automatic lift freight elevator. It has a large load capacity, a small maintenance workload and a high coefficient. Understanding the principle of the hydraulic system of the automatic lift freight elevator will help us better select, use and maintain the automatic lift freight elevator.
1. Composition structure: The hydraulic system of the automatic lift cargo elevator mainly includes an oil tank, a hydraulic oil filter, a hydraulic oil pump, a motor, a one-way globe valve, an electromagnetic directional valve, an overflow valve, a hydraulic oil cylinder, an oil pipe, a pressure gauge, an oil level gauge, etc. composition. There are three types of hydraulic oil pumps: gear oil pump, vane pump, plunger pump, etc., the corresponding oil pump should be selected according to detailed requirements. Commonly used, the low price is the gear oil pump; the oil cylinder has a one-way plunger cylinder and a two-way plunger cylinder. When fast, you can choose a two-way plunger cylinder.
2. The working principle of the hydraulic system of the automatic lift cargo elevator: when the hydraulic automatic lift cargo elevator rises, the motor is controlled by the electrical control system to rotate the gear, which drives the gear oil pump to rotate. The valve enters the oil cylinder and drives the piston rod of the oil cylinder to move upward. Under the effect of external transmission organization, the piston rod drives the automatic lifting cargo elevator to rise.
3. High reliability: the reliability of the purchased lifting machinery and equipment, and the protection of the automatic lifting freight elevator are many. The other protection is the steel wire rope. The wire rope plays a leveling effect when the equipment is raised, and it is also a reliable belt for the equipment. ; There is also a conductive chain, which works together with the steel wire rope at the critical moment to avoid the sudden drop of the load platform.
4. Strong effect: the rail-type automatic lifting freight elevator can be lifted in a small space, especially suitable for the space not suitable for digging pits Layered operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting table work surface to complete multi-point control.
5. Note: During the ascent, if the hydraulic system pipeline is blocked, the cylinder is defective, or the product exceeds the rated load, the hydraulic system pressure will increase. In order to maintain the hydraulic system, at this time, the relief valve opens the pressure relief, part The hydraulic oil flows back to the oil tank through the overflow valve; when the hydraulic automatic lifting freight elevator descends, the electric solenoid system is used to control the one-way solenoid valve to change direction. Under the gravity of the freight elevator and the goods, the hydraulic oil directly flows back to the oil tank through the one-way solenoid valve. The automatic lifting freight elevator is completed descending. When it reaches the intended position of lowering, the electromagnetic directional valve is closed and the descending is stopped.