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Precautions for the use of electric lift freight elevators in winter

The electric lift freight elevator is a kind of equipment that lifts and transports goods through manual operation. It is mostly used in warehouses, logistics, and docks. The electric lift freight elevator can carry 30 tons of goods and can reach a height that people cannot transport. It is more convenient for people's work, can choose different configurations according to the use requirements of the lifting table, and can improve the better use. Electric lift freight elevators are prone to some minor problems and glitches after entering the winter. This requires users to maintain and protect the lift in winter. The following is a brief introduction and key points for the winter protection of the lift.
What are the dangers of electric lift freight elevators
The electric lift freight elevators have been inspected and tested in front of the factory, and all requirements have been met. In use, only the ground wire needs to be connected. Other electrical appliances and hydraulic systems do not need to be adjusted.
Before using the electric lift freight elevator, it must be carefully checked that the hydraulic and electrical systems must not be exposed or leaked, to ensure that there are no problems before use. It is necessary to run the empty elevator for 1 to 3 times before carrying the load, and then work on the load-bearing objects to prevent accidents during the operation of the electric lift cargo elevator. Before the operation, it is necessary to lock the movable doors at both ends of the guardrail firmly to ensure the safety during the operation. Due to the different requirements for the use of hydraulic machines, the control methods of the elevators are also different.