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Articles of Assembly and Operation of Lifting Table

The use of lifting platforms has greatly improved people's work efficiency. The development of lifting platforms is as long as human civilization. In today's society, it has reached a very mature stage. How much do you know about the assembly and operation rules of lifting platforms?

One,LiftsView experiment before installation:

1. The transmission organization of each part of the winch is stuck by mistake, whether it is sensitive.

2. Whether the weight of the hydraulic brake is installed correctly, and the electric test brake is normal.

3. Whether the brake shoe is intact, the thickness of the brake shoe is not less than 3mm, and the electric test brake is normal.

4. Whether each connecting pin is stuck, and it is smooth and normal.

5. Do the upper and lower limit movement experiments, and normal.

6. Operate the handle in the furnace to conduct the button up, down, emergency stop and power off button operation experiment and it is normal.

7. Check the steel wire rope for broken strands, burrs and deformations, and comply with the steel wire rope application specifications.

8. Electrical equipment, operating system experiment is normal.

9. The above items need to have workshop safety staff, machine repair squad leader (person in charge), and electrical personnel to check that the experiment is normal before assembling the furnace platform.

2. Assembly of the lifting platform:

1. The platform should be installed according to the drawings, and the connection and fasteners of each part should be strong.

2. The platform deck should be well laid and strong.

3. After the platform assembly is completed, the lower limit must be adjusted again, and the experimental action is qualified.

4. The platform assembly and organic repair management office will work as a boiler workshop to cooperate and complete.

3. Lifting operation of lifting platform:

1. Use dust-proof operation handle for operation, with up, down and emergency stop power off buttons.

2. Press the corresponding button when you need to go up and down. Press the emergency stop and power off button to power off immediately when the up and down buttons fail.

4. Periodic protection of lifting platform:

1. Check that all components should be intact, and the connection and transmission organization should be tight and smooth.

2. The electrical system wiring is correct and strong, the motor insulation is normal, and the operating system is normal.

3. The wire rope should be coated with smooth oil every 2 months and check the intact rate.

4. Check that the oil level of the hydraulic brake assembly is normal and replace it within 6 months.

5. Check that the oil level of the reducer is normal and replace it within 6 months.

6. Check that the thickness of the brake shoe is not less than 3mm, or replace it.

7. Check each braking effect and make adjustments to reach instantaneous stop.

8. The above items are implemented by workshop safety staff once a month.