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Noise analysis and removal method of hydraulic elevator

HydraulicliftNoise problems, and how to remove them?

After long-term use of many hydraulic lifting equipment, there will be a lot of noise. According to this situation, the three main causes of noise: tissue noise from mechanical failure, noise from hydraulic system failure, electrical equipment, parts failure The noise that occurred. How to reduce these noise problems?

First, the reason for the mechanical structure failure hydraulic lifting noise becomes larger mainly because:

1. Severe wear and deformation of the upper and lower decent rollers of the hydraulic lift elevator or the difference in smoothness of the surface, resulting in a large amount of noise when the finger roll|groove moves, hydraulic lifting shake

2. The lack of lift for a long time, the operation damage of the roller bearing lubricating oil, resulting in wheel-type mobile vibration and a lot of noise. The processing method is very simple, AC roller bearings.

3. The noise of the hydraulic lift elevators with long-term lack of lubricating oil connecting the arms and pin sleeves with the shaft of the hydraulic lift becomes louder. In this case, if lubricating oil is added, oil replenishment will not work. Check the sleeve and shaft for wear. If the wear is severe, the sleeve and shaft need to be replaced.

4. When the fixed hydraulic lift with high lifting height contains a track, the bearing of the guide wheel or the face wheel is damaged, and the friction between the guide wheel and the track is also sharp during the elevator. In this case, severely worn guide wheel bearings can be replaced.