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Inspection content before the operation of the automatic lift freight elevator

It is important that good automatic lift freight elevator performance and service life extension and correct operation and maintenance of our operators, so as an operator, especially what should be done to check the equipment between operations?

1. Check the key parts before starting

Our operators should carefully check the key parts of the automatic lift freight elevator before it plays the role of automatic lift freight elevator. It involves: grounding zero, cable, buffer spring, whether the cable is damaged, the normality of safety equipment, instrumentation The sensitivity of the work such as the tray is very important, and these are also the guarantee for the normal operation of the automatic lift freight elevator.

2. The elevator structure is intact

We have to check the whole structure of the automatic lift freight elevator for no corrosion, deformation and other conditions, otherwise it will affect the safety of the operation; especially the normality of the specification section and the hanging cage.

Third, the power section view

To ensure the normal operation of the automatic lift freight elevator, the power part is very important, so when we check it, we can check it through the startup sound to check the normal movement of the machine, whether there is noise, and then there are some gear oil or hydraulic oil and other oil circuits. Normal, whether the amount of oil is satisfied.

Fourth, the normality of braking equipment performance

The brake equipment is very important when we use the automatic lift freight elevator. Since we can control the situation through the brake equipment in special situations, the brake equipment must be normal, so we should carefully check whether the indicators are qualified before using. Ensure the effectiveness of braking equipment.