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What aspects should be paid attention to when using the vegetable ladder

What should be paid attention to when using the vegetable ladder:

1,Chuan LadderGeneral requirements for use:

(1) The pass-out ladder is controlled by buttons outside the hall, without driver control. The pass-out ladder should be set up by a dedicated person. The handling personnel should be trained and technically evaluated, and must understand and grasp the elevator functions used.

(2). The handling personnel should report to the maintenance personnel the operation status and existing problems of the elevator in a timely manner, and should cooperate with and follow the instructions of the maintenance personnel during the inspection and maintenance.

(3) The machine room of the kitchen ladder should be staffed, the door of the machine room should be locked, and the room should be kept clean and free of debris, especially flammable materials, and no accommodation personnel.

(4). Non-maintenance personnel and handling personnel shall not enter the machine room, car roof and bottom pit at will.

(5). Two-use carbon monoxide fire extinguishers should be installed in the machine room.

(6). For a long time, the Chuancai staircase will be stopped for use. The power switch in the machine room should be turned off. The handling personnel should drive the elevator away from the ground floor during the typhoon tide.

(7). The handling personnel and users should strictly grasp the load of the vegetable ladder and prohibit overloading.

2. Things to keep in mind when passing the vegetable ladder:

(1). Before use, check whether the door electric lock is invalid, and whether the execution of the order registration outside the hall is correct.

(2). The lighting equipment in the car must have appropriate brightness, and the lighting equipment must be turned on during the elevator usage time.

(3). It is forbidden to plug the door interlock and door electric lock switch with any debris, making it invalid and often connected.

(4). No other objects should be placed on the car roof except when the maintenance personnel are at the time of maintenance.

(5). The load should be placed as securely as possible in the middle of the car, and the objects in operation should be prevented from tipping over.

3. When the following problems occur in Chuancai Ladder, it should be stopped and the maintenance personnel should be informed in time:

(1). When it is found that the hall door and car door of the elevator have been closed, and the instruction button light outside the registration hall is on, the elevator cannot start.

(2). When the car under normal load exceeds the operating position of the end station, and continues to run until the limit switch is turned over before stopping.

(3). When touching any metal part of the elevator, if there is electric shock.

(4). When the insulation of electrical components is found, the odor when scorching occurs due to overheating.

(5). When the hall door and car door are not closed, press the layer selection button, but the elevator can still start normally.

(6). When the car is running, if abnormal noise, oscillation, impact, etc. are found.