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3 advantages of mobile lifts

The mobile elevator is easy to operate and easy to move. It is a commonly used tool for high-altitude operations. It has three main characteristics, safe, efficient and environmentally friendly:

1. Ping An

①Safety voltage of the mobile elevator; the equipment controls the safety voltage below 36 volts, the platform staff can stop the operation boldly and without any worries.

②The mobile elevator lifts safely; the equipment adopts hydraulic transmission method, compared with other lifting methods (pneumatic, etc.), the more stable the lifting, the safer it is.

③Elevator emergency system; when the equipment encounters emergencies, such as power outages, pipeline oil leakage and other diseases, the overflow valve can make the operator land safely.

Second, high efficiency

①Multiple choices of mobile elevator motor and oil cylinder, the lifting speed can be adjusted to 3-5m/min

②You can move up and down quietly by pressing the electric control switch, eliminating the complicated operation process and making it easier and faster.

3. Environmental protection

① The elevator uses hydraulic transmission to stop the operation without noise pollution.

②The hydraulic oil in the mobile elevator is changed once and used repeatedly, which meets the requirements of low carbon and green

③ The equipment does not produce exhaust gas, impurities and other emissions, low-carbon energy saving.