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Mobile boarding bridge can be divided into several steps

  Mobile boarding bridgeIt is not new to logistics and warehousing enterprises. Cooperating with forklift to load and unload goods can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce work difficulty, and effectively ensure the safety of goods. Of course, the premise of accomplishing this effect is that the enterprise can operate the mobile boarding bridge correctly. Unfortunately, when many companies operate mobile boarding bridges, misoperations often occur, causing unnecessary damage to the boarding bridge and reducing the service life of the mobile boarding bridge.

Under normal circumstances, the operation of moving the boarding bridge is mostly divided into the following steps:

1. Use the hooks on both sides of the lip of the boarding bridge to fix the mobile boarding bridge to both sides of the truck to avoid the separation of the boarding bridge and the truck

2. Place the brake pads on both sides of the moving boarding bridge in front of the tire to avoid the tire slipping

3. Put down the tailgates on both sides of the mobile boarding bridge, so that the boarding bridge is sloped, connecting the air with the truck

4. After confirming that the equipment is completely fixed, the support frame is stable, and the brake pads are effectively placed, you can start using the mobile boarding bridge

5. Use the hydraulic bar to rock the moving boarding bridge to the required height, generally higher than the truck box

6. Reverse the truck to the boarding bridge tongue area, open the manual pump valve, let the boarding bridge tongue plate fall slowly, press on the bottom of the truck box, and then lock the manual pump valve

7. Lower the mobile boarding bridge support to ensure that the boarding bridge is smoothly supported in the air