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Precautions for first use of vegetable spreader

When the customer used the vegetable spreader for the first time, because he didn't understand the product, he seemed to be in a hurry and was very anxious. When the installation is completed, after the equipment is debugged, the introduction to the customer will be clear, and it will be forgotten after a long time. Here I will introduce the precautions for the first use;

1. When using for the first time, the customer should not rush to operate the equipment. After the installation is completed, the customer sometimes connects the power supply from the beginning, resulting in continuous faults and the device cannot operate normally. To deal with this problem is very simple, first look at the successive display inside the distribution box, whether it shows yellow light or green light. If a green light appears, it proves to be correct. If a yellow light appears, it means that the continuation is wrong. You need to reverse the incoming line into the distribution box. Any two lines can be reversed. Close the switch from the beginning to show the green light. If it still doesn't work, please check the power supply voltage.

2. Check if the emergency stop switch on each floor is in normal working condition. If it is not in working condition, just press the working condition. One of the floors has an emergency stop switch that is not in operation and cannot be operated.

3. Then check whether the elevator doors on each floor are closed. Please close the doors on each floor. One door is not closed and cannot be operated.

4. If the above problems are all dealt with and the appearance is normal, the elevator does not work during operation. This is when the worker accidentally broke the upper limit or lower limit line when decorating, use the triangular key to open the elevator door, put Just connect the wire.