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Common failures and removal methods of mobile elevators

During the use of the mobile lifter, due to the negligence or improper maintenance of the administrator, it will inevitably present a small fault, such as: a series of problems such as unable to lift, etc., and encountered similar problems, what is the way to clear it? ? The mobile lifting machinery introduces the common faults and removal methods in detail:
1. The mobile lift appears to be weak or unable to lift:
1. Overload; the way to clear is to reduce the load.
2. The oil return valve is not closed; the clearing method is to tighten the oil return valve.
3. The check valve of the manual pump is stuck and the return position fails; the method of removal is maintenance, cleaning and replacement of clean hydraulic oil.
4. Severe oil leakage from manual pumps and gear pumps; gear pumps are damaged and the oil produced is pressureless; lack of hydraulic oil; circuit disconnection; filter clogging; support valve or directional valve malfunction; lack of input voltage of solenoid coil; electromagnetic The iron coil is burnt out; the spool is stuck. These are all factors that cause the lifting table of the mobile elevator to be weak or unable to lift. Then the solutions are: replacing the sealing ring, replacing the gear pump, adding sufficient hydraulic oil, repairing the electrical system, replacing or cleaning, repairing or replacing.
2. Oil leakage of mobile elevator:
Loose joints; damaged seals. Removal method is to replace the scissor in the joint where the oil leakage is tightened.
3. The sliding table of the mobile lift: the shut-off valve is not tightly closed, or the relevant parts of the valve are leaking oil; the clearing method is to tighten the shut-off valve or repair and tighten or replace the sealing ring.
4. Unstable lowering of mobile elevator worktable:
1. The load is overloaded, the way to clear is to reduce the load.
2. The partial load is severe, and the method of removal is to adjust the center of gravity.
3. Refill the oil circuit and remove the hydraulic oil.
4. Dirty oil, the way to remove is to replace hydraulic oil.