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The difference between the installation of scissor lift and rail lift

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At present, there are many types of elevators that have been launched on the market, and their uses are also different. Since the structure layout and the like will be different, the difficulty of installation is also different. Or take the typical elevators of the past years as examples and see how to install them, so as to compare which is more difficult?
In practical applications, scissor lifts and rail lifts are more common. If it is more difficult to install, it is still rail lifts. Because there are no special requirements for the installation of scissor lifts, as long as a matching place is prepared, the equipment can be directly put in and fixed to be used directly.
The rail type elevator also needs to add a link for rail installation. Prepare drawings in advance, then dig a pit according to it and prepare embedded parts. The key is to weld the iron plate and the guide rail, and the steel groove must be kept vertical to ensure the normal sliding of the guide wheel. Even after installation, a series of inspections and tests must be passed to start the operation.