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Operation instructions and precautions of mobile boarding bridge

Operation and operation instructions of mobile boarding bridge

1. The mobile boarding bridge must be moved to a place where the ground is flat and the loading vehicle can be conveniently parked before use. Pull the power supply to the position where there is a power socket. Connect the plug to the power supply, and then connect the machine's Turn on the power maintenance switch and press the lifting control button. When the rolling sound of the hydraulic station motor is heard but the lifting platform does not rise, the motor may be rotating. Please move the power switch to another direction to start the motor. Scroll normally.

2. Because of the unevenness in the vehicle compartment, the machine has been equipped with a lubricating conditioning board for the channel tongue plate. The user can adjust the height according to the unevenness of the loading truck.

3. Before loading and unloading the cargo, the conditioning screw rod at the rear of the equipment must be adjusted to the above-mentioned universal wheel above the ground to support the use.

4. When loading and unloading the goods, after the goods are pushed into the channel, the protective chain in front of the channel should be hung to prevent the goods from sliding down.

5. The mobile boarding bridge is forbidden to carry people. After the goods are installed in the channel, the protective chain is hung, and the staff should stand on the ground to control the channel lifting operation.


Notes on safe operation of mobile boarding bridge:

1. Please read the operation manual carefully before using the loading and unloading platform, and it must be started by a designated person to operate and use. It is not allowed to be operated and used by people without professional knowledge.

2. The working pressure of the hydraulic system of the loading and unloading platform has been adjusted before leaving the factory. It is not allowed to arbitrarily adjust to avoid accidents or damage to the machine parts. If the user adjusts himself, the accident or economic loss will be at your own risk.

3. When using the loading and unloading platform, it must be parked on a level place. It is not allowed to park on the ground where there are potholes and slopes for loading and unloading operations.

4. When loading and unloading goods on the loading and unloading platform, the staff and the goods are not allowed to be mixed. The staff must stand on the ground and operate the lifting button to control the lifting of the channel, otherwise accidents may occur easily.

5. Because the loading and unloading platform uses the AC voltage of the power grid, non-electrical professionals shall not disassemble the electric control box at will to avoid electric shock accidents.

6. The loading and unloading platform should be placed in a covered place during normal parking and during loading and unloading. If it is temporarily required to load and unload the cargo in an open place, it should stop working and cover the electric control box with tape to avoid rain. Risk of short-circuit electric shock in wet electrical appliances.

7. The power cord of the loading and unloading platform cannot be arbitrarily extended on the ground to avoid trample by pedestrians and vehicles. The power cord should be walked overhead and have a good ground connection. The power supply used should be equipped with a leakage maintenance switch device. Under the condition that the electrical appliance needs to be repaired during the application, the power supply must be blocked to perform the repair work.