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What is the difference between an automatic lift freight elevator and a freight elevator

  Automatic lift freight elevatorWhat is the difference with cargo elevators? Many customers have doubts about this. First of all, we know that although both elevators and cargo elevators are lifting equipment, their working principles are different.

The same point: the automatic lifting freight elevator and the cargo elevator are both a kind of lifting mechanical equipment. Both can manually operate the buttons of the control system to complete the transportation of the goods to the base.

Apart from the difference:

Lifting freight elevators can be divided according to types: scissor lifting freight elevators and guide rail lifting freight elevators. The lifting height of the lifting freight elevator varies from 1 meter to 20 meters, and the lifting freight elevator with special specifications can be customized according to user requirements. It is mainly used for the transportation of high-altitude goods in factory assembly lines, cargo warehouses, parking lots, docks, construction, logistics, etc. The lifting system of the lifting freight elevator is driven by the hydraulic pump station, so it is also called hydraulic lifting freight elevator.

Freight elevators are primarily planned for the delivery of goods, usually accompanied by elevators. The cargo elevator car is long and narrow. A straight lift powered by a motor is equipped with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment serving the specified floors. It has a car that runs between at least two rows of straight rigid rails.