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Knowledge of vegetable spreader


What is a vegetable spreader

Today I will analyze with you what a vegetable spreader is

The food delivery machine can usually be divided into two types. One is floor-standing. It has a larger size and a greater load. It has the safety function of speeding and overloading, and the bottom is flat with the air. It can push the dining car directly into it, which is extremely convenient.

There is also a window type, which has the advantage of a small space area, a small space area of ​​1 square meter, it is efficient, energy-saving, low only 1.1KW can be used, and the device is convenient, which is more convenient for users. Its envelope decoration.

When choosing a vegetable spreader, the customer must choose the proper vegetable spreader. Don't think that the expensive ones should be bought, and don't think that the cheap ones should be bought. The suitable ones are good.

What are the basic characteristics of the vegetable spreader?

1. Small size: no need to counterweight, designed to have enough space to serve food.

2. High efficiency: the upstream and downstream stops at the same time, circulating dishes, one to six traditional van dish elevators.

3. Less maintenance: military-grade parts and components, the design is more than ten times the load, and very little maintenance.

4. Non-special equipment: free of installation and annual fee for special equipment.

5. Easy installation: it comes with a frame structure, no shaft, no machine room, and no strong civil engineering acceptance.