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Precautions for the use of rail-type lifting freight elevator safety valve

The safety valve used in the chain guide type lifting freight elevator is a main accessory for pressure protection and pressure relief on special equipment for safety protection. The reliability and function of the safety valve are directly related to the safety of equipment and people, and are closely related to energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Always keep the safety valves of the rail chain lift elevators clean, prevent the valve body springs from being filled or corroded by greasy dirt, and prevent the gas safety valve discharge pipe from being blocked by oil stains or other foreign objects; often check the lead seal Is it right? Prevent the weight of the lever type safety valve from loosening or being moved, and prevent the dispatching screw of the spring type safety valve from being randomly twisted.

2. After cleaning the safety valve, it must be re-commissioned.

3. Light oil clean safety valve should be selected.

4. During the initial work after commissioning, the working condition of the safety valve should be carefully observed.

5. When the safety valve has traces of leakage, it should be replaced or repaired in time. Prevent the use of increased load (such as excessively tightening the dispatch screw of the spring type safety valve or adding a heavy object to the lever of the lever type safety valve, etc.) to eliminate leakage.

6. Check whether the safety valve in the work is abnormal, such as leakage, jamming and spring corrosion, and pay attention to whether the lock nut of the dispatch screw sleeve and dispatch ring set screw is loose. If problems are found, it should be adopted in time. Proper approach.

7. The safety valve installed outdoors should adopt appropriate protection measures to prevent rain mist, dust, rust and other dirt from entering the safety valve and discharge pipeline. When the environment is below zero degrees Celsius, the necessary anti-freezing measures should also be adopted to ensure Reliability of safety valve operation.