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Safety device and use of rail type lifting freight elevator


1. Safety device

The mechanical part of the rail-type lifting freight elevator mainly includes three parts: lifting equipment, rail equipment and belt changing equipment. The lifting equipment is used to suspend the lifted person. It is the core part of the entire organization. The role of the rail equipment is mainly to supply the mobile track so that The operation is smoother, and the belt changing equipment is used to switch the track when the elevator is going to pass the door.

The internal structure of the lifting equipment is composed of gear organization, bracket, worm gear, guide organization, boom, upper and lower shells. Gear organization Gear organization mainly includes large and small gears, belt pulleys, middle shaft and safety equipment composed of stop buckles and torsion springs.

The rail-type lifting freight elevator is designed separately according to the user's requirements. Various factors should be considered in the design, such as power supply, installation space, load capacity, whether the pit can be excavated, etc. After the design of the drawings is completed, production begins. The selection of materials should pay attention to the materials themselves. The corroded materials are prohibited to be used. Other accessories must also be checked before use. After the production is completed, installation and commissioning should be carried out, and each parameter must be rigorously tested by item to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly.

Second, the use of rail-type lifting freight elevator

The rail-type lifting freight elevator is a non-scissor type hydraulic lifting mechanical equipment. It is used for the transmission of goods between the floors of the second and third floors of industrial plants, restaurants, and restaurants. The lower height is 150-300mm, which is more suitable for work that cannot be excavated. Location. And no need for upper lifting points, diversified methods (single column, double column, four column). The rail type lifting freight elevator is a special auxiliary equipment to complete the quick loading and unloading of goods. Its height adjustment function makes the truck and the cargo platform of the warehouse set up A bridge, forklift and other transfer vehicles.

The equipment runs smoothly, the operation is simple and reliable, and the goods transmission is economical and convenient. The narrow spaces that are difficult to solve, such as the occasions that can not reach the requirements, can be tailored to create an efficient delivery platform. The product hydraulic system is equipped with anti-fall and interactive interlocking on the basic door. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and the lifting platform of the rail-type lifting freight elevator to complete multi-point control.

The product has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and protection, and is an ideal product transportation equipment for economical and practical low-floor rooms instead of elevators. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the rail-type lifting freight elevator lifting platform, select different optional equipment to obtain better use. This product is mainly used in chemical, high temperature, high pressure, power plants, nuclear industrial bases, explosives and other explosion-proof enterprises .

The rail-type lifting freight elevator can directly drive into the truck for bulk loading and unloading. Only one person is required to complete the quick loading and unloading of goods, which can make the enterprise cut a lot of labor and improve work efficiency. The parts are lifted during the assembly of large equipment; the loading and unloading of large machine tools; the warehouse loading and unloading site is matched with forklift trucks and other transfer vehicles for fast loading and unloading of goods.