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What kind of maintenance knowledge does the rail type lift freight elevator have?

What are the simple protection common sense of rail-type lifting freight elevators? Guide rail type lifting freight elevator protection and lifting rules The lifting freight elevator is a lifting tool for transporting vehicles. Their main function is to meet the requirements of customers to transport cars on the floor, thereby making the existing space larger and more consolidated. With the popularity of equipment, users also need some simple protection common sense.

Rail-type lifting freight elevator safety hazard elimination plan:

1. When the elevator fails or is abnormal, immediately suspend and eliminate the failure, and use the incident again.

2. The hidden risk inquiry depends on all aspects of handling together:

1) The construction company is responsible for inquiring about the dangers of freight elevator construction. To strengthen daily inspection and regular inspection, carefully check the steel structure, safety protection equipment, electrical equipment and transmission equipment of the rail-type lifting freight elevator.

2) The supervisory unit should carefully perform safety duties. If there is a danger in the production safety incident, the installation unit and the user unit should correct it within the prescribed time limit. If the installation unit or application unit refuses to correct, please report to the construction unit in time.

3) When the construction supervision department performs the duty of safety supervision and inspection, it is instructed to immediately eliminate the safety hazards of the construction of the rail-type lifting freight elevator found in the inspection. If during the elimination process or during the elimination process it is not possible to ensure the risk of a major safety occurrence, the upgraded freight elevator will be ordered to leave the danger zone. Exit the operator or temporarily suspend construction. In the inquiries and handling of dangers, we must inquire carefully, confirm the rectification, and consolidate the results.