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Causes and solutions of falling platform

1. The main reason for the fall of the lifting platform

There are many reasons for the fall of the elevator, and the main reasons are as follows:

(1) The braking torque of the brake of the driving equipment is not enough, and the safety factor is too small;

(2) The problem of single drive and double (multi) drive;

(3) The reliability of the anti-fall safety device is poor;

(4) Violation of the deduction rule, and overload operation in accordance with the product manual;

(5) There is no back wheel on the back of the meshing point between the drive pinion and the rack, or there is no locking plate on the eccentric shaft of the back wheel;

(6) No balance weight is set;

(7) Other accidental causes;

2. Analysis and comparison of safety equipment of driving equipment

The brake is a device for stopping on the floor. There are two types of brakes currently used: one is the standard JWZ200 type block brake, and its braking torque is 160N·m. It is a mature product, and its disadvantage is its large size. , The brake is easy to wear, such as repair and maintenance is not simple and invalid. Most of these brakes are used on domestically produced lifting tables produced in the 1980s. They are now rarely used and are gradually being screened; the other is developed in the late 1980s with reference to the imported prototype of ALIMAK. Friction brake. It is a friction friction brake connected to the drive motor. The characteristics of this brake are compact structure, small size, and the gap between the brake pads is easily adjusted. At present, domestically-made elevators originally used this kind of brake.