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Lifting freight elevators to prevent electric shock when used in summer

Lifting freight elevators to prevent electric shock when used in summer

After the summer comes, the thunderstorm climate gradually increases. In this climate, the use of lifting freight elevators should pay attention to moisture-proof operations. Electricity is something that is invisible and untouchable, but it is indeed an integral part of our modern life. At the same time, as the main thing in the high-altitude industry, the lifting freight elevator should be safe first in the use process, beware of electric shock, and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Non-professionals prevent private repairs: encounter any problems to the management staff or the manufacturer in a timely manner, can not be repaired privately, so not only simply constitutes damage to the equipment, but also simply electric shock, causing safety accidents.

2.Electrical leakage protector: This method is more common in household electricity.Applying this method to production is a convenient and useful method to prevent electric shock.

3.Punctual maintenance of cables and wires: These cables may have insect bites, aging and other phenomena during storage, which simply constitutes a line leakage.In such cases, they should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent electric shock.

4.Prevent operation in a humid environment: encounter humid climates such as cloudy weather, rain, etc., prevent operation, prevent the occurrence of circuit short circuit, and constitute leakage.

5. Hand wetness prevents the operation, which is also a simple negligence of the operator.It is generally believed that the safe voltage of the lifting freight elevator is controlled below 36 volts. It is not a problem that wet hands touch the electric control switch. This is a wrong concept. This is not only easy to cause lifting Failure, when severe, can also cause electric shock.