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Operation specification of rail type lift freight elevator

More and more freight elevators appear in our perspective. But its security requirements cannot be ignored. The following is a detailed introduction to the safety requirements of the rail-type lifting freight elevator before operation.

First of all, the operator of the rail-type lifting freight elevator must pass the safety technical training and check and pass the certification. Before using the rail-type lifting freight elevator, the operating instructions and safety rules should be read through. Understand all the charts and announcements marked on the rail-type lifting freight elevator, and check whether the hydraulic oil, fuel oil and electrical system meet the requirements.

Second, before each handover. It should be checked whether there are any shortcomings affecting the use and operation of the rail-type lifting freight elevator. The inspection can be carried out by observing whether there are cracked welds or other structural shortcomings, leakage of the hydraulic system, damage to the control cable, loosening of the wire rope joint and damage to the tire, or by operating each control system. Action. All capable projects should be carefully reviewed and concluded on whether they are endangering safety, and whether all safety-threatening factors should be eliminated before they are used.

Third, before using the rail-type lifting freight elevator, you should check the working conditions of the main components and find the problems and repair them in time. Cracks in structural parts and their welds should be analyzed, and the reasons for the occurrence of cracks should be analyzed. We can take measures to strengthen or start welding from the beginning to prevent the cracks from continuing to develop. Only when they meet the original planning requirements, they can be used, otherwise they will be scrapped. Whether there is danger, such as whether there are ravines, steep slopes, caves, gravel, air obstacles, high-voltage wires and other places that may cause danger on the work site.

Fourth, the rail-type lift freight elevator should be operated by at least two people.