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What's wrong with the rail-type lifting freight elevator?

The rail-type lift freight elevator may not rise because of electrical reasons, such as the wrong phase sequence of the power cord, and the device itself lacks some protection devices, which makes it impossible to perform the correct action. And the damage of electrical components may also lead to hydraulic failure. The main performance is that the equipment rises differently.

The application of the hydraulic system to the rail-type lifting freight elevator is icing on the cake. We will have a deep experience when using it. The advantages of its application mainly include the following four aspects:

1. The noise is low, the hydraulic system adopts hydraulic transmission, and the noise pollution is small.

2. The lifting is stable, which is the characteristic of the hydraulic system. Because of this, the lifting platform can give people a sense of security during operation.

3. No pollution, hydraulic system adopts "zero emission" for operation, no waste, green and low carbon.

4. Long service life. Because the transmission medium is hydraulic oil, the wear rate of the hydraulic system is reduced and the service life is extended.

The hydraulic system is applied to the rail-type lifting freight elevator, which makes the mobile rail-type lifting freight elevator work better. It is trusted and supported by customers. It has become a "benchmark" in the field of aerial work. The application of the system meets the needs of shopping malls and people.