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Is the small vegetable spreader easy to use

The small vegetable spreader is evolved from the debris elevator. As the name implies, the small vegetable spreader is used for transmission between floors in restaurants, hotels, etc. to improve efficiency and achieve energy saving. There are two types of small vegetable spreaders. One is floor-standing. It has a larger size and a larger load. It has the safety function of overspeed and overload, and the bottom is flat with the ground. It can be pushed directly into the dining car, which is extremely convenient.

There is also a window type. The advantage of the small vegetable spreader is that it has a small footprint. The smallest floor area is not more than 1 square meter. The small vegetable spreader is efficient and energy-saving. It can be used at a minimum of only 1.1KW and is easy to install. , It is more convenient for users to encapsulate and decorate it.