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3 basic elements of a fixed boarding bridge

inFixed boarding bridgeSome parts in the system. Although the mechanical hydraulic drive is convenient and labor-saving, it is also easily damaged. The main reason for the fixed boarding bridge is that its operation principle and structural characteristics are unclear, and its preventive maintenance methods are not very clear. The fixed boarding bridge is for easy maintenance. Will not affect the normal operation of the equipment.

There are three basic elements of a fixed boarding bridge: pollution, overheating and intake air. There is a close internal relationship between these three unfavorable factors, and any one of these factors will cause one or more problems. Facts have proved that many reasons for fixed boarding bridges are caused by these three elements.

If the manufacturing quality of the fixed boarding bridge is not a problem, the cause of the failure is mostly preventive maintenance, and the elements that are not functioning normally are generally few. This is mainly due to a lack of understanding of the operating conditions of fixed boarding bridges. If you understand some basic principles and understand the three harmful factors that lead to failure, you can ensure a long-term good working condition.