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What are the specifications of the small vegetable spreader?

The small food elevator is not only widely used in the catering industry. Now I think that some companies and schools will build a small food conveyor because of the small daily freight volume and the ordinary freight elevator. This can save a lot of costs. No waste of resources. In the past, when there was no restaurant ladder, people's work efficiency was very low, because if there were more guests, it would be difficult for people to quickly prepare their meals. So, if you don't have the help of these small food delivery machines, The business in the store is difficult to run.

Since the introduction of small restaurant spreading machines in restaurants, the operation of these restaurants has been much more convenient. Therefore, because of this, many consumers actually prefer to eat in restaurants equipped with restaurant spreading ladders, because this is the only way. It will allow them to speed up the meal time more. The small vegetable spreader is evolved from the debris elevator. The small vegetable spreader, as the name implies, is used to transfer between floors of restaurants, hotels and other places to improve efficiency and achieve energy saving.