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Where can I buy a small vegetable spreader in Fujian

The small-scale vegetable spreading machines in Fujian Province are mostly used in the kitchens of hotels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, troops, schools, and other places, and are mostly used to transfer dish plates upstairs and downstairs. People are called small-scale vegetable spreading machines in Fujian Province. The term specified in the provisions of the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection of China is still called the debris elevator, and he has not escaped it. Speaking of debris elevators, let's just mention that debris elevators, also known as dish elevators, food elevators, meal elevators or multi-use debris elevators, are used for fixed lifting machines under 8 floors, and no people are allowed inside.

With the development of the times, the small-scale vegetable spreading machine in Fujian has become a necessity for major hotels and restaurants. It is safe, reliable, long-life, comfortable and flexible, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The small-scale vegetable spreading machine in Fujian is a lifelong companion for kitchen staff.

1. Small size: No need to counterweight, designed to have enough space to serve food.

2. High efficiency: Simultaneous upward and downward movements, circulation of dishes, one to six traditional box-type dish-elevating elevators.

3. Less maintenance: military-grade parts and components, the design is more than ten times the load, and very little maintenance.

4. Non-special equipment: free of installation and annual fee for special equipment.

5. Convenient installation: It comes with a frame structure, no shaft, no machine room, and no strong civil bearing capacity.