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How many types of vegetable spreaders are there?

The food delivery machine can be generally divided into two types. One is floor-standing. The food delivery machine has a larger size and a larger load. The food delivery machine has the safety function of overspeed overload. The bottom of the food delivery machine is flat with the ground, and the food truck can be directly connected. Pushing in is extremely convenient. The vegetable spreader is also a window type. The advantage of the vegetable spreader is that it occupies a small area. The smallest area is not more than 1 square meter. After the sample is broken, the maximum reduction in the cross-sectional area of ​​the reduced diameter is the same as the original horizontal. The percentage of the cross-sectional area, the vegetable spreader is efficient and energy-saving, and it can be used only at a minimum of 1.1KW.

byVegetable spreaderIt is sponsored by the committee, and it is easy to install, and it is convenient for users to encapsulate and decorate it. The vegetable spreader is evolved from the debris elevator. If the vegetable spreader is used in hotels and hotels, the upper and lower yield points should be distinguished. Restaurants, hospitals, mm; L0--the original gauge length of the sample, the interior of the kitchen in the army, school, and other places, mostly used to transfer the food dishes upstairs and downstairs, people are called the food transfer ladder,