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What is the purpose of the small vegetable spreader?

The small vegetable spreader is evolved from the debris elevator. Vegetable spreader, as the name implies, is used to transfer between floors of restaurants, hotels, etc. to improve efficiency and achieve energy saving. The small vegetable spreader can be generally divided into two types. One is the floor-mounted small vegetable spreader. It has a larger size and a larger load. It has the safety function of overspeed and overload, and the bottom is flat with the ground, which can directly push the dining car into. , Extremely convenient.

Another type of small vegetable spreader is window type. Its advantage is that it covers a small area, and the smallest area is not more than 1 square meter. It is efficient and energy-saving. It can be used only at a minimum of 1.1KW, and it is easy to install and more It is convenient for users to encapsulate and decorate it.

Small food delivery machines are mostly used in the kitchens of hotels, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, troops, schools, and other places. They are mostly used to transfer food dishes upstairs and downstairs. People are called food delivery ladders. China General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection The term specified in the article is still called the debris elevator, he did not come out. Speaking of debris elevators, let's just mention that debris elevators, also known as dish elevators, food elevators, meal elevators or multi-use debris elevators, are used for fixed lifting machines under 8 floors, and no people are allowed inside.

With the development of the times, the small-sized food delivery machine has become a necessity in major hotels and restaurants. It is safe and reliable, has a long service life, is comfortable and flexible, and is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is indeed a lifelong companion for kitchen staff.