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What are the main features of the small vegetable spreader?

The small vegetable spreader is evolved from the debris elevator. The small dish spreader, as the name implies, is used to transfer between floors in restaurants, hotels, etc. The small dish spreader improves efficiency and achieves energy saving.

Main features of small vegetable spreader

1. The small dish transfer machine is small in size: it does not need counterweight, and it is designed to have enough space for serving dishes.

2. The high efficiency of the small vegetable spreader: simultaneous upward and downward movement, circular dish transfer, one to six traditional van dish transfer elevators.

3. Minimal maintenance of small vegetable spreaders: Military grade parts and components, designed for loads more than ten times, with minimal maintenance.

4. Non-special equipment: free of installation and annual fee for special equipment.

5. Convenient installation: It comes with a frame structure, no shaft, no machine room, and no strong civil bearing capacity.