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What are the requirements for the installation of small vegetable spreaders?

In recent years, with the increasing variety of domestic elevators, there are freight elevators, manned elevators, dish-elevating elevators, elevators, etc. Among them, such small-scale dish-eating machines are widely used in many medium and large hotels. After reaching the advantages, it will definitely let more customers understand the characteristics of this equipment in the promotion process. Only by grasping the design features, of course, will you find more and more advantages in the process of using them in the hotel. The counterweight of the elevator should be installed in the same shaft as the car

1. The safety device of the small vegetable spreader is strong, especially it is relatively quick and convenient during operation. The small vegetable spreader will not sway back and forth and left and right during the process of transporting dishes, so it must be said from this angle To combine the functions and uses of the elevator equipment, when the elevator does not stop on this floor, the mechanical lock of the hall door will be automatically locked. Except for maintenance, it is not allowed to open the hall door in any way. It is strictly forbidden to short the hall door safety switch and open the hall door to let the elevator run. If you find that the elevator can be opened with the hall door running, you should stop using it immediately, turn off the elevator main power supply and promptly report all the hall doors for repair.

Then a safer device was achieved. In the development and operation process of these years, the function or use of the elevator equipment is relatively well understood.

2. The noise of the sightseeing elevator equipment is low, the transmission is strong, and the installation cost is relatively economic. Because after the introduction of a variety of small dish machine elevator equipment market, when you understand the small dish machine equipment, you must have a special understanding of more functions or configurations, and then promote sales Only in the process can more customers know the advantages and characteristics of this elevator. This will still have a distinctive place when it is promoted in the market. The quality and process advantages brought by it are more and more prominent. Such elevator equipment can be installed in large hotels. Therefore, in the promotion process, we will definitely understand the functions and uses of the equipment and bring better effects. Can prevent the car from rushing to the top or the bottom of the pier