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The reason why the customers of the dish machine choose us?

As the hotel continues to develop, the quality of the hotel’s restaurant elevator is getting better and better. The speed of the vegetable spreader is relatively slow, about 6-8 meters per minute. The high-speed vegetable spreader adopts a frequency conversion motor. With the continuous development of the hotel, the service life is shorter. The traditional hydraulic vegetable spreader cylinder is easy to leak oil. The vegetable spreader has become a modern hotel. A sign. The vegetable spreader is an important part of the hotel's grade decoration. There was a time when many hotels used electric hoists or elevators to replace the hotel's dish-elevating elevator, which has been well received by customers for its stable dish-eating effect and exquisite appearance. The transmission mode of the moving chain has a smooth start and a long service life. The speed of the vegetable spreader is three times that of the hydraulic type, and it is equipped with an anti-fall counterweight. The platform that loses power will safely stop or slowly rise. Generally, there are not many floors, and the manual door can be opened as soon as it is pulled. The standard speed of the debris elevator is 0.4M per second. If the building is four meters high, it can be reached in 10 seconds. It is a customer of two or three floors. And several times cheaper than elevators

Our company's high-speed food delivery machine is the reason why our customers choose us:

1. Do not produce low-end goods (we have focused on the production experience of hydraulic lifting equipment for 14 years. The installation area is about as large as an 80*80 floor tile. We use a small area to obtain the three-dimensional space of the business Affordable manufacturing prices in exchange for high work value.

2. We only take the safe and high quality route. Our products have excellent cost performance.

3. Convenient and safe operation, low noise and easy maintenance.