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What are the benefits of the vegetable spreader?

As the name implies, the dish spreader is a machine used to transfer between floors of restaurants, hotels, etc. to improve efficiency and achieve energy saving. The food delivery machine can be generally divided into two types. One is floor-standing. It has a larger size and a larger load. It has the safety function of overspeed and overload, and the bottom is flat with the ground. It can be pushed directly into the dining car. There is also a window type, which has the advantages of small footprint and a small footprint of less than 1 square meter. It is highly efficient and energy-saving. The low-speed vegetable spreader only needs 1.1KW to be used, and it is easy to install. It is convenient for users to encapsulate and decorate it.

Distributor features

The food delivery machine is small in size: no counterweight is needed, and it is designed to have enough space for serving food.

High efficiency: Simultaneous ascending and descending, circulation of dishes, one to six traditional van dish elevators.

Less maintenance: Military-grade parts and components with a load more than ten times the design, very little maintenance.

Non-special equipment: free of report installation, free of annual examination fee for special equipment.

Easy installation: Comes with a frame structure, no shaft, no machine room, and no strong civil bearing capacity.