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What is the automatic lifting freight elevator in the organic room?

Automatic lift freight elevator in organic room: The automatic lift freight elevator adopts the leading new microcomputer control frequency conversion variable voltage speed regulation system, the car area is in accordance withGB7588"Elevator Manufacturing and Installation Specifications" set. From performance to details, they are all ideal carriers for vertical transportation of goods. It has the advantages of safety, reliability, high structural strength, durability, stable operation, large door opening, and high cost performance. Whether it is an industrial plant, shopping mall, department store, or station and terminal, it can carry goods while taking a high degree of social Responsibility and leading technology provide you with quality service.

Complete specifications and tailor-made: a new generation of microcomputer frequency-converted variable-voltage speed-regulated freight elevators with many specifications and models, and provide tailor-made solutions to meet different individual needs.

Safe and reliable: the automatic lifting freight elevator strictly follows national standardsGB7588Produced in "Elevator Manufacturing and Safety Specifications", the main safety components have been certified by the National Elevator Quality Testing Center. Multiple safety circuits are set on the electrical side to ensure safe and reliable elevator operation.

Advanced technology: automatic lifting freight elevatorVVVFThe control system adopts the international leading frequency conversion technology, and has a number of optimized designs for the control circuit. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and stability, reasonable layout, solid and durable.

The machine room-less automatic lifting freight elevator adopts a compact permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and a slim control cabinet that are synchronized with the world. There is no need for a machine room, while saving construction space, saving construction costs, and improving the performance and quality of cargo transportation. Compared with organic freight elevators of the same load, it saves electricity30%, Saving construction area10%. The product is widely used in factories, warehouses, shopping centers and libraries.

1, Superior performance of automatic lifting freight elevator:Applicable to factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping centers, exhibition halls and other places;

2, Environmental protection advantages of automatic lifting freight elevator:Gearless permanent magnet synchronous host, lubrication-free design, without frequent oil replacement;

3, The quiet operation of the automatic lift freight elevator:Gearless synchronous transmission, noise and vibration are greatly improved;

41. Energy-saving advantages of automatic lifting freight elevators:The starting current is small and the transmission efficiency is high. Compared with the traditional traction machine, it directly saves electricity30%;

5, Automatic lifting freight elevator to save space:The permanent magnet synchronous mainframe is light in weight, compact in structure, small in size, and effectively uses shaft space;

6, Large tonnage load of automatic lifting freight elevator:Maximum load3000Kilograms, easily solve the problem of transporting your goods vertically.