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The advantages of a small vegetable ladder

1. Save money

On average, the total cost of a 100kg small food transfer ladder is about 30,000 yuan, but at the same time, it can save 2-3 food transfer waiters for the hotel restaurant, and the salary capital of each waiter is calculated at 1500 yuan per month. It is 1500 yuan * 12 months * 2 people=36000 yuan / year, the service life of an elevator is 15-20 years, the overall cost can be saved at least 360,000 yuan, this can be the benefit of long-term investment!

2. Low power consumption

The power of a small kitchen ladder is generally 1kw-5kw, and the power consumption is similar to an ordinary refrigerator!

3. Save time

The speed of the small vegetable ladder is 0.4m/s-1.0m/s, which can greatly save the time of transferring vegetables, increase the speed of running vegetables, and add the service quality of the hotel restaurant!

4. High security

The safety function of the small food-passing ladder is high. Generally, there are two layers of protection and safety control systems for the car door and the hall door. During the operation of the elevator, the hall door cannot be opened. Once the door is opened, the elevator stops immediately to avoid accidents. And, the production, production, installation, and use of the small-scale vegetable ladders have always been inspected by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and the elevator maintenance personnel have monthly protection and maintenance during use, so the safety is very high.