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Precautions for the use of pass ladder

1. After a period of time, the traction machine of the vegetable ladder is investigated and the gear oil is added to the oil window.

2. The guide rail of the kitchen ladder should be kept firmly coated with smooth grease

3. The smooth rope should be coated between the guide rope wheel and the shaft of the vegetable ladder

4. The vegetable ladder avoids grease on the traction rope to prevent slipping

5. After running for a period of time, if the panning ladder shows a poor leveling situation, first check whether the gap of the brake of the traction machine is accurate and whether the clamping screw of the brake is loose. Then, adjust the level of the magnetic sensor Orientation to ensure leveling accuracy.

6. When the landing ladder is stuck or cannot be opened, check whether the landing door lock is defective and the landing door slider gap or landing door is stuck, or the door rope falls from the sheave chute.

7. The door of the food transfer ladder is open or blocked, and the occupancy indicator is not changed accordingly. You should check whether the door interlock switch is defective.

8. Chuancai Ladder needs maintenance once every six months.