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The rail type lifting freight elevator has the following characteristics

The rail-type lifting freight elevator is a kind of good lifting performance, and the lifting organization of the goods is wide. It can be used for the height difference between the online and offline production lines of equipment and materials. When the installation part is hoisted, the large hangar is fed, discharged, stored, and loaded Etc., such as forklift trucks, and fast loading and unloading of goods.

During the hydraulic transmission, more energy is lost, and the hydraulic transmission simply leaks, which not only pollutes the work site, restricts its application scale, and affects the running stability and accuracy of the execution part. It is sensitive to changes in oil temperature, high precision hydraulic components, high cost, effective measures can reduce the impact of adverse factors.

In the same volume, the hydraulic equipment can produce more power than any other equipment. In the hydraulic equipment of the same power, small size, light weight, large power density, and compact structure, the volume and component of the hydraulic motor are only the same power motor 12%.

The hydraulic equipment is relatively stable. The hydraulic equipment has light weight, small inertia, and quick response. It is easy to complete quick start, braking and frequent commutation. The hydraulic equipment can complete a wide-scale stepless speed regulation, the adjustment scale can reach 2000, and the speed regulation can be completed during the operation.

The hydraulic drive system is easy to complete automation, easy to adjust or control the liquid pressure, flow and flow direction. Easy to complete overload protection. Hydraulic components are easy to design, manufacture and use, which is convenient for standardization, serialization and generalization. It is an ideal choice for various devices and can be combined with microelectronic technology to become an intelligent device.