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What should be paid attention to during the use of the rail type lifting freight elevator?

forRail type lifting freight elevatorThere are two points that need to be paid attention to during operation safety, that is, the mechanical operation of the rail-type lifting freight elevator should be soft and smooth and the goods carried should be uniform. Our company will explain to you in detail:
The first is that the mechanical operation should be gentle and smooth: the mechanical operation should avoid roughness, otherwise it will definitely generate impact load, make the mechanical failure frequent, and greatly shorten the service life. The impact load generated during the operation, on the one hand, causes the mechanical structural parts to wear, break, and break early, on the one hand, it generates impact pressure in the hydraulic system, and the impact pressure will damage the hydraulic components, the oil seal and the high pressure tubing joint and the hose joint Premature failure of oil leakage or burst pipe, overflow valve frequent operation, oil temperature rise.
Secondly, the goods carried by the rail-type lifting freight elevator must be uniform: when the rail-type lifting freight elevator is in operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the placement method of the goods. The weight of some rail-type lifting freight elevators is within the rated load range, but the goods are placed to one side or one corner when they are placed. In this way, the rail-type lifting freight elevators are the same as overloaded load types, especially aluminum alloy elevators. Place the center position evenly or as much as possible.