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How to maintain the lifting platform in winter and summer

The maintenance principle of the lifting platform is to follow the manual of the lifting platform. For different ranges and production processes of hydraulic lifting platforms, the operating instructions and maintenance instructions must be different. In addition, we must also pay attention to the changes in the weather. Special maintenance measures and precautions brought by hydraulic lifting table.
The maintenance principles are different in winter and summer, and the methods are different. This mainly depends on the material of the hydraulic lifting table and the selection of hydraulic oil of the hydraulic lifting table.
First of all, we should pay attention to the selection of materials. For the hydraulic lifting platform adapted to cold weather, we should increase the hardness of the steel appropriately, and the expansion coefficient is not easy to change too much. This is the first thing to consider before choosing the hydraulic lifting platform. For the hydraulic lifting platform used in the north, sometimes in the cold season, it will be around 30 degrees below zero, in summer, around 30 degrees above zero, and the temperature difference will be 60 degrees. Such a large change in temperature difference, if the material selection is not good, it will be given to the hydraulic lifting platform. Use brings serious safety problems.
Secondly, we should change the hydraulic oil in time according to the seasonal changes. Different hydraulic oils are used in different seasons. This is the principle that any equipment first follows. We must not artificially increase the use and maintenance barriers. There is no antifreeze for hydraulic oil in summer, and antifreeze must be added to hydraulic oil in winter. This is the basic common sense of hydraulic oil. Depending on the place, there may be more stringent requirements for hydraulic oil and special requirements for materials. .
We need to clean the hydraulic cylinders in time, especially if the hydraulic cylinders are leaking oil, and whether the connecting parts are operating normally. These should not be ignored during the use process. They are also the problems and matters that we often pay attention to when using the hydraulic lifting platform.