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What is the standard knowledge of electrical system in mobile elevator?

The electrical system is an important command system for mobile elevators and an important prerequisite for completing all operations. In order to ensure the safety of high-altitude operations, it is necessary to specify standards for it. What are the contents:
①Electrical equipment of the lift should be waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, the components must be neatly arranged, and the connection must be strong.
② The electrical system should be satisfied with the provisions of JG/T5100-1998 and JB/T922.
③Non-conducting metals should be firmly grounded. When the wires need to pass through the pipe, protective measures should be adopted, and they must conform to the installation regulations of the construction industry.
④The motor is the power of the elevator, it should meet the standard.
⑤ The function of electrical components in the electrical system should be satisfied with the relevant provisions of the national standard GB1497. The insulation resistance of the primary components cannot be less than 1MΩ, and the insulation of the secondary circuit to the ground is greater than 2MΩ.
⑥ The system should be installed with safety protection, and the main switch should be installed in the starting line of the whole machine, which can cut off the current when the system presents a fault. The system must be firmly grounded.
⑦Electrical control system should adopt safe voltage or adopt reliable anti-electric shock method to ensure the personal safety of lifting platform operators.
⑧The components of the electrical system are strictly prohibited from leaving the factory without permission.
In summary: the electrical system of the mobile elevator is checked layer by layer, the equipment is a consistent whole, and the existence of inferior originals is not allowed. The normal operation of the electrical system is also an important measure to ensure the efficiency and safety of the elevator, so it does not work. Little sight.
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