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What issues do we need to consider when installing the kitchen ladder?

With the continuous development of technology, Chuancai ladders are widely used in our lives now. When we install Chuancai ladders, many people do not know how to install them and what issues need to be paid attention to. Next, Suqian The elevator manufacturer tells you what needs to be paid attention to.
1. The weight of the food delivery ladder:
The weight of the simple vegetable transfer ladder (Kg) for manufacturing or scheme rules is the main parameter of the hydraulic vegetable transfer ladder. Generally, 500 kg, 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton standards are available for selection, or the customer can propose their own Be customized.
2. The forward height of the kitchen ladder:
The height of the hydraulic simple food transfer ladder runs from the ground floor to the top floor, it is necessary to accurately measure, because the advance height determines the length of the hydraulic cylinder.
3. The standard of the dish top of the dish:
Generally, the countertop standard of the food ladder is that customers consider their own application more, so customers must confess their appropriate countertop standard.
4. Demands for the equipment for passing the vegetable ladder:
The necessary equipment for the hydraulic vegetable ladder is in a closed shaft environment. The actual situation of the reserved shaft determines the standard and standard of the simple vegetable ladder.
5. The speed of the kitchen ladder:
The introduction here is applicable to the lifting and transferring vegetable ladder. The lifting speed is slower than that of the elevator, which is about 3-5 meters/minute. When there are special needs, it can reach 6 meters/minute.