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What is the knowledge of energy-saving vegetable ladder?

  Chuan LadderWe are often labeled as a large consumer of electricity, because it is used more frequently, and with the continuous development of technology, many people do not know the common sense of energy-saving vegetable ladders. Next, the vegetable ladder manufacturers tell you to pass the vegetable ladder What is common sense.
When the elevator goes up and down, the car will generate a lot of excess potential energy. In the past, due to skill reasons, this part of energy was consumed in vain in the form of heating resistance. According to statistics, the energy consumed by elevators for free nationwide is at least equivalent to a 4.5 million kilowatt generator set.
The elevator group in the office building is a lot of trouble. Many buildings are equipped with multiple elevators. When the number of people taking the elevator is high, the elevator runs the same as the same, which not only consumes electricity, but also increases the waiting time; when the number of people taking the elevator is small, the multiple elevators operate at the same time, which consumes a lot of energy.
During elevator operation, the number of passengers is closely related to energy consumption. The variable speed elevator skill can measure the actual load in the car according to the number of people taking the elevator and the load of the elevator, through the load detection equipment, and then select the corresponding running speed. Compared with traditional elevators, variable-speed elevators can improve the speed by a factor of 1.6 and reduce the waiting time by 12%.
Many more user-friendly energy-saving methods are also widely used in elevators, such as: when the elevator operating frequency is reduced, the group control system will automatically reduce the number of elevators running, so that some elevators are in sleep status; when the elevator is sleeping, the lighting in the elevator And the car fan will be automatically turned off, saving electricity and energy; for the cunning children who may appear, enter the elevator and press multiple floor buttons, the elevator is set to "false call active elimination" function, according to the load detection situation will register the floor Actively withdraw.