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What are the safety protection measures for lifts?

In daily use, due to improper human operation or mechanical failure, the elevator has various safety hazards. In order to ensure the safety of operators and goods, our company aims at the safety problems that may exist in the elevator, from electrical control, hydraulic control, mechanical control Various security maintenance measures are provided:
1. Safety maintenance measures for circuit parts:
1. The circuit is divided into two parts: strong current and weak current. The driving part is 380V strong current, the operation part is weak current, and the control voltage is 24V safe voltage.
2. Install leakage switch and grounding maintenance to avoid the occurrence of electric shock.
3. Install the phase sequence to maintain the installation to avoid misoperation caused by wrong phase.
4. Install short-circuit maintenance to avoid mechanical burnout.
2. Safety maintenance measures of hydraulic part:
1. Install an overflow valve to relieve the load when the pressure is too high to ensure the safety of the system.
2. Install an explosion-proof valve to avoid the sudden drop of the elevator when the cylinder leaks oil or the oil pipe bursts.
3. Several other safety maintenance measures:
1. Set the travel switch at the low point and the high point. When the elevator reaches the required address, it will be automatically suspended.
2. Install electrical interlock installation, all doors are closed to start the elevator, when the elevator is not on the floor, the door of the floor cannot be opened, if you open a door, the elevator will automatically stop.
3. Install anti-shear installation, when someone or goods enter the elevator, the elevator will automatically stop.
4. Install anti-falling installation to prevent the elevator from stopping and falling suddenly on the floor.
5. Install anti-collision installation to avoid hitting the elevator when loading or unloading.

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