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Fixed hydraulic lifting platform

Fixed hydraulic lifting platform

Product Details

The fixed hydraulic lifting platform is a kind of equipment with good lifting stability and a wide range of application. It is mainly used for the transportation of goods between the height differences of the production line; the materials are on and off the line; the height of the scientific and technological parts is adjusted when the workpiece is installed; ;Large equipment timing parts lifting; large machine tool loading and unloading; warehouse loading and unloading places and forklift trucks and other transfer vehicles supporting fast cargo loading and unloading, etc. The fixed hydraulic elevator can be equipped with other additional equipment according to the requirements of use, and can be any number or combination, which can achieve better application results.
The elevator series products use a scissor mechanical structure, and the lifting system is driven by a hydraulic pump station, so that the lifting platform has higher stability, and is an ideal equipment for replacing elevators and goods lifting between low floors. It can also cooperate with the automatic production line to solve the high and low drop of the assembly line. According to the requirements of use, the table can be modified to realize the functions of material rolling, turning and rotating.
◆Stable structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting and simple protection.
◆Strong adaptability, can be installed in harsh environments and general explosion-proof places.
◆Widely used, suitable for the delivery of goods between floors in most occupations.
◆Flexible configuration, according to different device environment and requirements, design channel size and import and export orientation.
◆Safe and efficient, overload protection and pipeline explosion-proof safety valve, fully guarantee the safety of operation.
◆Easy to operate, control buttons can be set between each floor and channel to realize multi-point control.
Scope of fixed hydraulic lifting platform: mainly used for up and down transportation of goods between workshops, warehouses and various operating floors; car lifts in high-rise garages and underground garage floors;; production lines and industries such as warehouses, papermaking, medicine, etc. 1. Off-line; adjust the height of the parts during the installation of the workpiece; feed from the high-level feeder; lift the parts during the installation of the large equipment; store the loading and unloading place with the forklift and other transfer vehicles to quickly load and unload the goods. The company also manufactures and sells mobile elevators, vegetable ladders, etc.