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Shelf dedicated lifting platform

Shelf dedicated lifting platform

Product Details

The special lifting platform for freight elevator is a new type of hydraulic lifting platform, which is used for the transportation of goods in industrial plants, restaurants, restaurants, and cargo stations above two floors. Due to the height of only 150-300mm, it is not possible to excavate the working place of the pit, and there is no need to adjust the upper point. , With various forms (single, double body), stable type, good load capacity, large failure rate, low first-level strengths, mainly used to transport goods up and down from various operating floors; three-dimensional garages and underground garages are higher than two floors, cannot be opened Digging pits, occasions where the height of the top floor can not reach the requirements, and other narrow spaces that are difficult to solve, our company will make every effort to create an efficient delivery platform for you. The hydraulic system of the product is equipped with anti-fall and interactive chains between upper and lower doors. Operation buttons can be set on each floor and lifting platform to complete multi-point control. The product structure is consolidated, the load capacity is large, the lifting is stable, the installation and protection are simple and convenient, and it is the ideal equipment for replacing the elevator in the economical and practical low floor. According to the environment and requirements of the lifting platform, choose different equipment to get a better effect,
●Can carry 100 tons, complete multi-point control, interactive interlocking of upper and lower floors to reach safe use;
●Improve the height and height, choose the side-mounted oil cylinder or the double-measured oil cylinder, which is stable in operation, no noise, convenient maintenance and long service life;
● Manual power down, emergency stop button, convenient, fast and practical;
●The landing door can be penetrated, and the surface of the plant can be connected to each other, which is convenient and saves space;
●It is especially suitable for 2-5 storey steel structure workshops, both inside and outside can be used;
●Imported pumping stations are selected for pumping stations. If the speed requirements are too high, import customized pumping stations are used to achieve the ideal delivery requirements.
●Imported parts are used for oil cylinders and seals to solve the problem of unstable oil pressure and oil leakage of parts.