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Scissor lift platform

Scissor lift platform

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Suqian Hengda Elevator Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, manufacture, sale of elevators, rail-type elevators, hydraulic boarding bridges and other lifting equipment.
By virtue of excellent professional technology and perfect service concept, the products sold in domestic and foreign markets have achieved a good reputation.
Scissor lift platforms are mainly used in the logistics industry, production lines, the lifting and loading and unloading of goods from the basement to the floor, and can also be used for lifting stages and lifting operation platforms. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safety and efficiency, and simple and convenient maintenance.
Scissor-type lifting operation platform is a hydraulic lifting platform fixedly installed in industrial workshops, warehouses, production lines and other places. It can vertically transport goods to a fixed floor or a certain height platform for loading and unloading. The device is equipped with safety measures such as overload safety protection, limit protection, loss-of-pressure safe start, and phase sequence protection. The equipment has a solid structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple installation and maintenance, and is an economical and practical cargo handling equipment