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Crank type aerial work lifting platform

Crank type aerial work lifting platform

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The crank type aerial work lifting platform uses a lifting mechanism that combines a telescopic crank arm and a hydraulic system. It is mainly used for construction targets with a certain height. The channel can carry one to two people and is used throughout the fire department. The crank-type aerial work lifting platform has a telescopic arm, which can be extended to work, cross a certain obstacle or lift at one place and can perform multi-point operations; 360° rotation, the channel load is large, and two or more people can work at the same time It can be equipped with certain equipment; the lifting platform has good mobility and convenient transportation site; suitable for indoor and outdoor operations and storage. It can meet a wide range of operations in stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, community properties, factories and mine workshops. Its power methods are diverse, mainly including diesel self-propelled, battery self-propelled, and trailer-mounted.
Crank-type aerial work lifting platform can be divided into two types: straight arm and curved arm according to the arm-span method. Generally, the diesel engine is used as the power, which is suitable for outdoor operation; according to the need, the battery can also be used as the walking and working power of the machine.
Crank arm aerial vehicle is more common, widely used in the repair and ascending operation of devices in municipal, electric power, street lights, advertising, communication, photography, gardening, transportation, docks, airports, ports, large industrial and mining enterprises and other occupations. It has light weight, self-propelled, electric start, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working surface, 360° free rotation, especially can overcome obstacles such as obstructing high-altitude operations.