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Special hydraulic lifting platform

Special hydraulic lifting platform

Product Details

This specialLiftsIt refers to the hydraulic lifting table specially designed according to special requirements and used with other equipment under special working conditions, which can achieve better matching and compatibility. . Hydraulic drive is generally used, so it is called hydraulic lifting table. The steel frame structure or high-strength steel plate structure has a bearing capacity ranging from 0.1 to 10 tons, and the product size can be customized according to requirements. The operation mode can be divided into up and down control and single control on the ground, or multi-layer control. The fixed hydraulic lifting table is mainly used in production lines and warehouses, paper making, medicine and other industries. It can be used as a delivery elevator, conveying goods, lifting smoothly, safe and reliable, convenient maintenance, economic and practical.
1. The structure is compact and stable, and it can adapt to high frequency continuous operation.
2. The stability of lifting height can meet the stable lifting of large tonnage goods. Equipped with anti-attachment, overload safety protection hydraulic system to ensure safe operation
3. The ascent and descent processes are even and stable.
4. Compact structure, concise appearance, flexible and convenient protection and application.
5. The rated load is serious, which can effectively improve the operation efficiency.
6. The motor is selected to have low noise and long life.
7. A wide range of optional accessories to meet customer needs in all directions.
8. Clean and pollution-free, which is conducive to environmental protection.