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Mobile hydraulic lifting platform

Mobile hydraulic lifting platform

Product Details

Characteristics of mobile hydraulic lifting platform:
1. Stable structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting
Two: strong adaptability, can be used in harsh environments and general explosion-proof places
Three: Widely applicable, suitable for customers with high-altitude operations such as factory workshops, squares, lobbies, airports, and parks.
Four: High safety, using the upper and lower dual-control safety low-voltage operation buttons, equipped with one-button emergency stop equipment and emergency drop equipment for accidental power loss, which improves the safety of the equipment.
Optional equipment:
One: Imported pumping station and hydraulic system
Two: power can choose AC 380V or 220V, DC power, diesel power.
Three: The work surface can be extended outward
How to use the mobile elevator:
1. Support the four legs of the elevator horizontally and firmly before use.
2. Turn on the power and operate the lifting button on the electric control box to lift.
3. Operate the up button to raise it (the motor turns to reverse when it is not up, you only need to exchange the power cord wiring order, the motor can rotate forward.); operate the down button to descend.
4. The elevator is equipped with remote control buttons, which can be operated up and down while standing on the table.
5. The elevator is equipped with an emergency descent valve for emergency descent operation in the event of power failure. Loosen the descent handle counterclockwise by hand, the channel can be slowly lowered, and after the clockwise tightening, the channel stops descent.