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Self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform

Self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform

Product Details

The self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform can move quickly and slowly under different heights of operation, and it can complete the up and down, traveling, retreating and turning operations successively in the air with convenient operations. This product uses high-quality structural steel, laser welding electronic manipulator single-sided welding double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station or Anshan joint venture hydraulic pump station, aerospace plug-in valve technology, the channel is equipped with a level alarm, balance valve, automatic safety Alarm equipment such as board, channel is safe and reliable, the operating height can reach 12 meters, the load is 300 kg, the fence can be extended horizontally to greatly expand the operating range, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year, the key parts are guaranteed for five years, suitable for the factory from the workshop , Square lobby airport, park and other customers who have aerial work requirements.
The fully automatic hydraulic lifting platform is a multifunctional lifting and unloading mechanical equipment. The lifting height varies from 1 meter to more than 20 meters. The self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform with special specifications can be customized according to individual requirements.
The self-propelled hydraulic lifting platform is made of high-quality structural steel, single-sided welding and double-sided forming technology. The original imported hydraulic pump station or domestic joint venture hydraulic pump station. The elevator is equipped with safety equipment such as balancing valves and automatic pressure holding. The channel is safe and reliable.
The solid structure makes the deflection and swing of the elevator very small. With automatic walking function, you can choose three items of power control and battery control to walk, and you can control the walk without external power supply under different operating conditions.
Adjustable speed, sensitive movement, convenient operation, free movement, only one person can complete the movements of walking, retreating, steering, fast, slow walking and inferior, saving labor and effort. Can be planned and manufactured according to user application requirements ~ the company also produces and sellsSmall vegetable spreader, Lifts, etc.