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Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Mobile hydraulic boarding bridge

Product Details

The use of mobile boarding bridges is becoming more and more widespread and has become an artifact of logistics companies. The reason why mobile boarding bridges are so widely used is closely related to its own advantages.
1. The specially-made diamond grid plate of the mobile boarding bridge deck has strong strength, which can ensure long-term use without deformation. Its diamond-shaped mesh structure fully guarantees the excellent anti-skid performance, so that the forklift has better gradeability and maneuverability. Even in rainy and snowy climates, it can still guarantee normal use.
2. The forklift slot can be rotated to facilitate the sensitive use of the forklift to move the boarding bridge and place it in a suitable position.
3. The manual hydraulic pump is used as the power to easily complete the height dispatch of the boarding bridge.
4. The oil cylinder with larger angle makes the boarding axle more labor-saving and rapid ascent.
5. The cable chain with adjustable length is used to hook the vehicle
6. The strength of the fixed lip plate is higher, which is beneficial to the rapid passing of the forklift cargo.
The mobile boarding bridge can be used to a variety of different environments. When using the mobile boarding bridge, we can use it in a variety of different environments without being affected by the overall situation. We can carefully do these Understand, the whole job will become very easy.